What’s the Encore Effect?

While many see our aging society as a problem, the encore perspective posits a “longevity dividend” – an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize older adults to tackle some of society’s most urgent challenges. Less than a decade after introducing encore as a new definition for this emerging viewpoint and stage of life, the encore effect is becoming a reality for more people in more places.

What Themes will Encore2016 Examine?

At Encore2016, conference attendees will reflect on the encore movement’s progress and examine future directions though four key themes:

A. Future of Communications: Navigating a Changing Media and Communications Landscape
What are the opportunities and challenges for leveraging and responding to current trends in media, social media and technology?

B. New Normal: Purposeful Aging – Model for a New Life Course
Longevity is increasing across America and the world, and the culture of aging is changing. How is the promise of purpose re-defining longer lives? What pathways are emerging or needed to advance this aging revolution?

C. Future Generations: The Power and the Promise of Mobilizing Encore Talent for Youth
What can we learn from promising practices about opportunities and barriers to engaging encore talent at a sufficient scale to make a measurable difference for the next generation of young people?

D. Social Innovation, Social Impact: Exploring Encore Successes and Gaps
How has the concept of an encore life stage, focused on the greater good, contributed to social innovation and social impact? In what ways is it shaping careers, education and civic involvement? What are the implications for individuals at all stages of life?

Who’s Coming to Encore2016?

Almost 500 people have signed up for Encore2016 events. Participants represent different perspectives and come from different places, but all are leaders who believe in the power of experience to address social issues. They represent a wide range of sectors — nonprofit, government, higher education, business, faith-based, and social enterprise. Please email [email protected] to get the participant list.