Encore 2014

In late 2014, close to 400 encore leaders and activists convened in Tempe, Arizona, bringing innovators from Greater Phoenix together with encore innovators and experts from across the United States.

Conference Highlights

Keynote speaker: Nicholas Kristof

Conference participants 


Jane Pauley, television anchor and journalist
Making your mark in your encore

Jo Ann Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, AARP
Disrupting aging: A force for social impact

Carol Larson, President, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Mobilizing encore talent to benefit children and youth

Michael Eisner, Founder, Eisner Foundation
Recognizing excellence in intergenerational solutions

Ysabel Duron, Founder and Executive Director, Latinas Contra Cancer, and 2013 Purpose Prize winner
Working toward a more inclusive encore movement

Alexandreena Dixon, Founder, Chiku Awali African Dance, Arts & Culture, and 2014 Purpose Prize fellow
A former prison warden’s encore story

Erwin Tan, Director, Senior Corps for the Corporation for National and Community Service
Intergenerational ties bring value to all

Amber Wiseley, Retirement Design Strategist for the Americas, Intel Corporation
Advancing encore from a corporate perspective

Chris Farrell, Award-winning author and journalist
The need for more kinds of encore stories

Farai Chideya, Award-winning author, journalist, professor and lecturer
The value of an intergenerational workforce

Ann MacDougall, President, Encore.org
Creating demand for encore talent

Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO, Encore.org
Advice for encore movement newcomers