Encore Fast Pitch

Meet our Encore Fast Pitch Winners and Finalists



Asha Chandra  | @Fremont_CA
Program Manager, City of Fremont Human Services
The Community Ambassador Program for Seniors (CAPS) creates an aging-friendly community by providing culturally sensitive services for older adults, by older adults in one of the most diverse cities in the country.



Laura Traynor  | @Re_Serve
Director, ReServe
ReServe’s Dementia Care Coaching (DCC) program leverages the experience of professionals 55+ to support and empower people with dementia struggling to continue to live at home.



Ryan Frederick | @SmartLiving360
CEO and Founder, Smart Living 360
Smart Living 360 is creating a
new blueprint for multigenerational residential living that replaces institutional isolation of older adults with community connection and
greater purpose.



Edgar Salazar  | @Bridge4Billions
CTO and Co-Founder, Bridge for Billions
Bridge for Billions is a global collaborative tool that connects current and retired corporate employees as mentors to college-aged entrepreneurs in developing countries.



Jill Vialet  | @jillvialet
Founder, Substantial
Substantial is dedicated to redesigning the recruitment, training and support of substitute teachers – including strategic engagement of encore talent – to maximize teaching and learning.



In the last decade, we have witnessed a boom in individuals interested in pursuing encores in the second half of life. Yet far too many experienced adults, ready for a change, lack a clear place to land. They’re “all dressed up with nowhere to go.” Clearly, we need new models – both internal innovations, that leverage encore talent within organizations, and external innovations, that increase the engagement of encore talent for the greater good.

The $10,000 Encore Fast Pitch competition was designed to showcase organizations that are closing the gap between the desire to pursue an encore and the available opportunities to do so. One $5,000 prize was conferred by a panel of judges. The other $5,000 prize was awarded via audience vote by Encore2016 participants.

Encore2016 celebrated these social innovators who are paving the path for encore talent to be recognized as a robust and powerful national resource.

Encore.org would like to express special thanks to Andy Goodman, our distinguished panel of judges (Kriss Deiglmeier, Phil Pizzo and Katherina Rosqueta), our volunteer coaches (Scott Allen, Jere King and Diane Paul) and our friends at SVP.



What is the $10,000 Encore Fast Pitch?

The Encore Fast Pitch is a high-energy, rapid-fire pitch competition that awarded $10,000 in prize money to organizations actively working on innovations that will dramatically advance the encore movement. This experimental competition took place in San Francisco at Encore2016 on Thursday, February 11, during the final conference session.

What happened at the Encore Fast Pitch event?

Five finalists competed at the first-ever Encore Fast Pitch event at Encore2016. Each finalist had three minutes to pitch their organization’s innovative work to an audience of five hundred leaders, including people from the nonprofit, business, academic and philanthropic worlds and members of the media. A panel of judges provided feedback after each pitch. When all pitches had been heard, the audience had a chance to discuss their favorites before voting for their top choice. At the end of the event, $5,000 in prize money was awarded by the judges, and $5,000 by real-time audience vote.

What type of encore innovations were eligible for the Encore Fast Pitch?

We were particularly interested in work that increases institutional capacity to engage encore talent in solving social problems. Here’s what we were looking for:

  • More than an idea – Early stage, but with some activity in place or at a minimum a solid business plan that showed potential for transformative innovation over time.
  • Not too established – Priority given to work that was less than three years old.
  • More than just you – Solid buy-in from a broad base of supporters, e.g., commitment of a host agency, early stage funders, strategic partnerships, etc.
  • Growth potential – Potential for sustainability, with a solid plan for growth and impact measurement.
  • Something new – Going beyond “business as usual” to catalyze the encore movement. We were looking for new models, disruptive thinking, creative approaches and surprising solutions, both internal innovations that leverage encore talent within your own organization and external innovations that increase the engagement of encore talent for the greater good.

What is the monetary award and how can it be used?

The monetary award for the Encore Fast Pitch is $10,000, with half of the award conferred by a panel of judges, and half by audience vote. If the panel of judges were to select the same finalist as the audience, that organization would have received the full $10,000 award. All cash awards must be distributed to an organization, not an individual.

Were there other benefits to competing in the Encore Fast Pitch besides the monetary award?

Our five finalists received:

  • Complimentary registration for the presenter to attend Encore2016 (a $700 value!).
  • Expert one-on-one coaching from communications expert Andy Goodman on how to hone your pitch, as well as additional support from a volunteer coach.
  • An opportunity to present your organization’s work to an audience of 500 encore movement leaders, including funders and members of the media.
  • Broad exposure through social media coverage of the Fast Pitch competition.
  • Direct feedback on your program model from innovation experts and encore leaders, strengthening your nonprofit or social enterprise.

How do you apply?

Applications are now closed.